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 New Site *USMC*

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PostNew Site *USMC*

This was my first site I designed from scratch without using a free template and editing it. I have a huge folder of like 20 banners that I decided not to use, random graphics, and probably 50+ new chaser renders so if you want some unused chaser website art message me I've got a shit load. Heres an overview on what the new site includes:

- New metallic look all textures custom designed in photoshop by me
- Iframes for loading speed plus non resetting playlists
- 4 playlists (overkill) but I hated going from death metal to lil wayne
- New roster + way more detailed profiles
- New layouts for each type of page (downloads, maps)
- Wars Section including all of our matches
- New members section with way cooler forum and graphics and everything works calender, gallery, forum etc...
- News section
- Extremely easy to admin

EDIT: Site colors ( Members respond in the forum topic didn't wanna create a new topic for something this small )

Chat box
I think could use some slightly more relevant colors which I will try and take care of. Any ideas for it?

This background is temporary I wanted to pick something "safe" for now. But being safe wasn't really my goal the background makes the site look so much different...So I want something crazy thats looks amazing and fits.

Site background generator very nice will probably use this for the new background

Rollover Buttons
I thought the red matched the ninja skin and it was a very slight difference too.
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New Site *USMC*

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