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 Site upgrades 2010

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Site upgrades 2010 Empty
PostSite upgrades 2010

Site upgrades 2010

Pretty much everything is done but I haven't uploaded it yet. I did however upload the new roster profile. A lot of upgrades are coming thanks for the feed back and suggestions.

Roster Profile ->Uploaded (not 100% still)

I think we've got everything you can fit in a chaser profile. Anymore would be ridiculous, but I'm sure there will be a few new categories added along with the next upload. Just as long as theres not some stupid shit like binds or too much personal information.

NEW Changes (so far)
Private Message function - A button that allows you to pm them from their profile.
Contact function - A button that allows you to email them from their profile
Stats section - Includes playing stats kept on fixes stats site. (Highest ranked name).
Xfire profile - Includes playing time stats (if they have xfire).
Games played
Few other minor changes (typos etc.)

Site upgrades 2010 Rosterexample

Still to come.... (90% done just need to tweak a few then upload)

- Site intro that includes crazy ass flash animations - Done!

- Chaser Ranks (Full new page of overall ranks made by TJ 2 years ago)

- Cbox picture background ( metallic\chaser ss mixed )

- Link to our Gallery on HP

- upload all pics to gallery

- Update News

- New Poll

- Fix music player skin to stretch all the way down

- Update & fix errors in clan history

- make members version training center available to all

- Fix weird black strikes that appear in important matches thumbnails

- Fix tournament titles linking to wrong tourny bracket

- add new music to playlists change first song!

- Fix 50 crosshairs link in downloads

- CSS Roster Weapons

- Maybe add a grey background to all pages? (For internet explorer and other weird browsers)

- Fix de_dust video link

- Make all desired pages open in a new window

- Add css scrims to wars section

- Add an xfire profile link

- Add the PM function to roster profiles

- Add the contact function to roster profiles

- Add Games played to roster profile

- Add Game Stats to roster profile

- Copy and paste Rules and put it on our actual home page

- Flash banner with lightening (too gay)
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Site upgrades 2010 :: Comments

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Site upgrades 2010

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