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*USMC* Clan
This forum automatically records any attempted logins or registration by ip.
*USMC* Clan
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Your real name:
Any silly nickname from childhood?:
How old are you in real life:
Where do you live:
At what times are you usually online:
Email address:
IP address:

Most known chaser nickname:
Other used nicknames:

How active have you been in the past month and how active will you stay in the future?:
Do you understand you will first have to complete a trial period before getting promoted to full member of *USMC*? (exceptions possible):
Will you show up for clan wars, learn and follow tactics?:
Have you ever hacked / been disrespect full in the past?:

Please list your below if you played in any known tournaments / big clan wars and how you performed in them:
What is your favourite weapon and please explain why:
List your biggest achievement in Chaser, something you are proud off:
How would you describe your play style in chaser and please explain why you think this is the best:

Link to your previous clan site if possible:
If possible link to a statics site where we can see your performance during the last month:
Please post a screenshot you think shows best what you can bring to this clan:
At what skill level do you consider yourself at the moment?:

Clan history, and why you left them, please list all clans or use a link:
Why do you wish to Join *USMC*?:
Friend’s in *USMC*:
How did you find/hear about *USMC?:
Do you have any conflicts with current members and if so who?:

Are you currently applying for other clans then *USMC*?
Do you have a stable internet connection?:
Are you able to use a voicechat program (like teamspeak)?:
Is there any way you can help this clan? (for example website editing, map creating, server hosting, winning clan wars ect)
Will you score 10 or more in a tryout?

Any other information that you think may help your application:

...and tell us a joke :


Fill in the application and send it to henk_chaser@hotmail.com
Every application will be held confident.
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