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 *USMC* Recruitment Tournament

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Post*USMC* Recruitment Tournament

*USMC* Recruitment Single Elimination Tournament

Start with 12 contestants and go through four phases that will challenge and expose weaknesses. The last one standing gets a tryout and a chance to join the clan. Since the schedule is pretty open there won't be any showing up problems like normal tournaments. Once the bracket is set, get ahold of your teammate (which contacts will be posted) and then work out the timing to fit your schedule, you'll have a full week to schedule (one week per phase). Then you move on and schedule the next match the following week. After the elimination round, late matches will be accepted up until one week after the original date.

Registration -> Now till January 24th

Phase 1: Oblivion Arena 1 on 1 (ELIMINATION ROUND)
January 25th - January 31st
Rules: To 20, Shotguns only, no flashes\nades.

Phase 2: Acrobatics Contest on Acrobatics 2008 (QUARTER FINALS)
February 1st - February 7th
Rules:20 minute game, person who got the farthest wins, no shooting each other, ref is the marking point.

Phase 3: Aim Maps 1-20 (SEMI FINALS)
February 8th - February 14th
Rules: Out of 3 players, the top two scorers advance (all maps ss'd) 5 minute games, 20 frag limit.

Phase 4: Final Strike 1 on 1 (FINALS)
February 15th - February 21st
Rules:Backdoor\keys\camping allowed, no nades, no flashes, to 20 switch at 10. Player with highest Aim Map score gets to chose sides first.

Note that opponents may be changed to insure all matches happen.
*USMC* Recruitment Tournament Tournybracket

Contestants: Half the people were already registered before it was even known so it's going to be active. Any fakers will be exposed easily and some jokers won't be able to finagle they're way in.

  • S!lver, Lofas, Lil Ak, Mentalist, Madness62, Jordan, Revolver, Mike, Fabi, iLoL, Achilles
To join, send in a normal application and notify at the bottom you would like to join the tournament. At the moment this is the only way were recruiting new members. We will look over your application and vote on rather you join or not just like the last 8 guys listed above. There are only 4 spots open but a few aren't confirmed yet so there could be more. You will be matched up randomly once 12 have registered.
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*USMC* Recruitment Tournament

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