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 Acrobatics 2010

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PostAcrobatics 2010

Acrobatics 2010
Download here -> http://usmcchaser.com/Files/Acrobatics%202010.rar

Description - Well it's been a LONG time since I've made an acrobatics map and I didn't wanna just make something so similar to the other ones. I'm only gonna make one a year so I mixed it up well with this one. It starts off nice and easy and then gets gradually harder so that people don't get discouraged and can actually get somewhere. The good thing about this map is it's just too damn far to realistically finish so there's no huge let down if you fail. It's more about how far you can get. It's still POSSIBLE to finish it, but that shouldn't really be your goal unless you wanna go insane. It challenged me in a way that the other maps haven't and is a lot more fun, it also seems to be more beneficial towards actual movement in the game. There are "check points" in this...If you complete the ground levels, you can unlock a ladder at spawn to climb to the start of the rock wall. Of course, there are a few "secrets" in this map like all the others ones (a tradition).

Acrobatics 2010 Acro2010b

4 ground levels
Acrobatics 2010 Acro2010c

goes up so high you can't see the end from the ground
Acrobatics 2010 Acro2010

Paid attention to detail and didn't just add fillers to make it really high
Acrobatics 2010 Acro2010d

the very end... you climb to the top of the rocket and launch yourself for a DM cutscene
Acrobatics 2010 Acro2010e
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Acrobatics 2010

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