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 Xfire Support

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If they see how much support and how many replies we can get in this topic then maybe xfire can support chaser. They are going to be more inclined to respond to this then one guy trying to convince them with an email. It's easy if you have xfire, just use that login or make a new account. We've got two pages worth of support and it wasn't really a known topic before so hopefully we can get even more guys. Every post counts, just type "+1 support" that will do it, and be much easier then wasting your time trying to say it wont work. =)

Major support features:
Keeps Track Of Gaming Time
In Game Chat
Has MSN / AIM Built In Option
In Game Snap Shot (Superior to Chasers)
In Game Video Recording
In Game Live Broadcast Capability- Better support than gamespy = less lag
And it will be sold in Xfire online store if its supported probably - Popularity, millions can see it and buy it for very cheap.

Again, it's unlikely they can support anything HUGE like that, you never know. But still, ANY help we can get from them is nice so just post two+ words and your done. All those that said they wanted to help save chaser before, now is your chance. Stop bickering about how chaser died etc...People, it's been the same for years we're not going anywhere. In fact, 2004 people said it was dead. There's never been more then 5+ dedicated servers and it's always been 10-30 ppl playing it at once in the most active time a day. More popular games have died out in the past way faster then chaser has... It's our unique community, a lot of people have done small things to help over time if anything we should consider it a success we still have servers going, people playing, occasional competition and events. On that level, we've been successful keeping it alive. What's "alive" for chaser? Nothing like CSS or games that have millions of players, but I think most of us like having a small active community just as long as it's playable. The inner flaming is one thing, but crying about how dead the game is = a very different story and a huge contributer to why we have such a negative desperate feel to our community. We're gonna be here a while so lets try and make it better.
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