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 Aim Maps Done!

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Aim Maps Done! Empty
PostAim Maps Done!

USMC_Aim Map Pack (20 maps)

I Got about 7 guys yesterday to help me test and it's really fun going through these maps, you will also feel an immediate difference in your aim. Many of them were remakes of CSS aim maps but were modified to chasers game play. I took out the loading screens to make the file small. It only takes maybe a minute to download everything now. You just place the maps in your maps folder.

Download here: http://usmcchaser.com/Files/AimMaps.rar

USMC_Aim Vantage
Aim Maps Done! Vantag10
Val Map with a middle full of cheap guns, although that spawn is rare to get and is very vulnerable.

Aim Maps Done! Ufc_bm10
Pistol Map (Had to have one). It's a professional fighting cage from the UFC.

USMC_Aim Stream
Aim Maps Done! Stream10
CSS remake that forces you to make the right judgment on gun selection due to the awkward range.

USMC_Aim ShoeBox
Aim Maps Done! Shoebo10
Perfect close range map for Ak's. The ground is bumpy to prevent easy headshots and each spawn is a 1 way entrance to prevent spawn camping since the map is very small and simple.

USMC_Aim Satellite
Aim Maps Done! Satell10
Very open and complex Val map with no way to exploit it (crouch glitching).

USMC_Aim Pyramid
Aim Maps Done! Pyrami10
You get catapulted into an open Pyramid Shotgun Arena and the action is intense and a good part of it is spent in the air.

USMC_Aim Matrix
Aim Maps Done! Matrix10
It was inspired by a CSS map. You basically have to watch your movement and kill people at the same time. Takes a lot of concentration and you also have to judge which weapon is best.

USMC_Aim Ivy
Aim Maps Done! Ivy_bm10
CSS remake

USMC_Aim IceWorld
Aim Maps Done! Icewor10
Another CSS remake and I even gave it CSS style gravity. (One of my favorite CSS maps)

USMC_Aim Heat

Aim Maps Done! Heat_b10
Pretty big for an aim map but it's very open. The roof tops are the desired location because of the vantage point but they are extremely hard to get to. Good practice all around.

USMC_Aim Gravity
Aim Maps Done! Gravit10
Extremely fun to play. It has very little gravity to allow for freely moving around the maps high points. M87 map that takes a different type of aim.

USMC_Aim Gods
Aim Maps Done! Gods_b11
Everything was setup in a way to force acrobatics, rushing and overall good game play. It's my favorite map that's on top of a rock in the middle of the ocean that makes you feel like your a Samurai or some sh**

USMC_Aim Dust
Aim Maps Done! Dust_b10
CSS remake

USMC_Aim DeathPit
Aim Maps Done! Deathp10
Shotgun map with a pit full of spikes in the middle. Forces you to jump for armor, ammo and better positioning.

USMC_Aim Chinkasaurus
Aim Maps Done! Chinka10
This is the one that Danny made, it was supposed to be a CSS remake but it turned out to be a chink town. Don't know how he managed that one but it turned out decent.

USMC_Aim CastleArena
Aim Maps Done! Castle12
This is the one aim map that requires strategy. It's setup perfectly to avoid spawn camping and forces people to play a certain way. There's a secret room at the top.

USMC_Aim Castle
Aim Maps Done! Castle11
Inspired by a few different castle maps. It's big and open, yet there are hiding spots. There is no armor, so 80 percent of every shot is a 1 hit kill.

USMC_Aim Beachhouse
Aim Maps Done! Beachh10
This one took me many versions to make this playable. There were just so many ways to exploit this map so I fixed them all and it's interesting Sniping game play. You either sit back without armor or risk being exposed to get it.

USMC_Aim Barbwire
Aim Maps Done! Barbwi10
CSS remake

USMC_Aim Aztec
Aim Maps Done! Aztec_10
Inspired by the Aztec map in CSS. It's a major flank fest, you will get gayed the moment you turn your head guaranteed. Probably my favorite ak map.

Aim Map rotation for *USMC* Public Server

GameMode "DM"
VisibleOnInternet "1"
PingCheck ""
Password ""

Set "HostPort" "3057"
Set "Hostname" "www.usmcchaser.com"
Set "NumGames" "1"
Set "FragLimitDM" "20"
Set "TimeLimitDM" "8"
Set "PlayersLimit" "20"

AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Pyramid.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Castle.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Gravity.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Ivy.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Matrix.cew
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Stream.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Dust.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Chinkasaurus.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Aztec.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Iceworld.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Beachhouse.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim UFC.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Barbwire.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim DeathPit.cew""
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim CastleArena.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Vantage.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim ShoeBox.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Satellite.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim heat.cew"
AddMap "Maps\USMC_Aim Gods.cew"
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Aim Maps Done! :: Comments

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Aim Maps Done!

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