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 CWC Tournament

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PostCWC Tournament


The good

USMC vs USMC FINALS.........guess who wins? USMC!
Tking the living shit out of dasa in final strike CTF for an hour straight. It was so satisfying there weren't words to describe how helpless he must have felt. I'm not even exaggerating I probably killed him 100 times and died like 7-8....And I laughed my fucking ass off when we were all on the same team he ran and hid then picked up a flag with no defenders and said OWNED! and left hahahahaha finally gave up...
Spawn killing Atecep for 80 straight minutes LOOOOOOOOOOOL omfg that was so much fun Danny wouldn't stop laughing on vent it made the rest of us laugh. He would kill Atecep like a billion times in a row with some noob gun and laugh hysterically.....Atecep wouldn't leave either that was the best part he was so mad trying to get ANY feeling of relief, a ss of a 3 pwn or ANYTHING.... He COULDN'T accomplish ANY of that LOL so he got on vent with us and that's when things got even funnier he sounds like he talks with his nose pinched and a really gay accent with the most immature sense of humor and insults "^YOUR MOM DID!" shit like that... The very first thing he said we all laughed so hard lol... It makes me wonder why ppl can ever take kids like DASA\Atecep\Zippo seriously when you hear what they are really like...

The bad

Hosted on Zippos Laptop server which blowed dick and USMC weren't the only ones complaining about it either it lagged nearly every match. I can safely say that they realized they made a mistake making such a moron a tournament host.
Team F (Full of W members) were on MSN during the match and we're to afraid to play. Props to fabi though he was the only one to show up.
~]W[~ showed up outnumbered like ALWAYS LOL... ^WE LOST CUZ WE WERE OUTNUMBERED! It's a trend with them. They want to say that it's because Black faked foxy? NO they couldn't even BRING 2 FUCKING GUYS LOL. We even agreed to reschedule AND\OR make it a 3 vs 3 instead. They couldn't even manage that and then dasa asked for a reschedule and we didn't agree to anything on the spot because we didn't want to waste our time. In the end we started thinking if they showed up outnumbered AGAIN they would look like such retards OR show up and get slaughtered. Either result was fine with us so we decided to support a reschedule. and then all of a sudden they went a bit quiet LOLOLOL and didn't want it suddenly. So Suggy dq'd ~]W[~ I find it funny they made a billion topics about keeping USMC out of the tournament and then couldn't even bring a full team to participate lol jokers.
- CCCP Team had Zippo put ping check on the server and were ALL willing to play. Then suddenly they took the ping check off and THEY ALL HAD TO LEAVE!


USMC wins the 4th tournament in a row 2 kma tournys, base wars, and USSF tournament. Not just that but, USMC had to play against each other in the finals lol... This last tournament sucked so bad we don't even want any part of another one like this. I REFUSE to play in another Zippo-Laptop-Hosted corrupt piece of shit server again. So do I give a fuck if we aren't allowed in another? NO! Will the tournament do better without us? YES! Teams won't be so afraid to show up lol. Plus dasa will personally work EXTRA hard to make sure it works better now LOL. After so many wins and flame wars + bullshit I don't believe we really have fun anymore and obviously don't have anything to prove. I'm not worried about missing out on another dead tournament. In fact, there are a few events that I know will ACTUALLY work in the future. Pwning ~]W[~ and ^UT nerds then getting accused of hacks\crashing is in the past now CWC Tournament Icon_smile
. On to better events, more clan wars, scrims, public servers, aim map rotations and best of all better games as well...
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CWC Tournament

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